The Oyster Province

Tasmanian Native Angasi Oysters

Native angasi oysters

Grown in the cold deep waters of Tasmania

Dart Island

Home of The Oyster Province

At The Oyster Province we strive to produce thoroughly delicious prized oysters, which are highly nutritious, with most enjoyable qualities. Using sustainable aquaculture, we aim to return the Australian angasi native oyster to its historical prominence both on the menu and maintaining a pristine marine environment.

We dub The Oyster Province angasi native oysters ‘environmental gold’ because they are:

= an indigenous species, growing where they occur naturally

= environmentally friendly, filtering around 4 to 5 litres of water/hour they help preserve the ecological balance

= organically grown, filtering the micro algae in the cold deep waters of Tasmania.

Native oyster species are approaching extinction, but in recent years great conservation efforts are underway globally to preserve their marine environmental benefits; governments and communities are building native oyster reefs to restore water quality and lost habitat for diverse marine species.

Situated in south east Tasmania on the Tasman Peninsula, the technology side of our business, Intertidal Oyster Solutions Pty Ltd (IOS) has developed a new way of growing oysters in deep-water marine farms. The new technology utilised at our 10m depth farm, captures a wide range of environmental conditions, from deep-water, to floating sub-surface, to inter-tidal, all within close proximity; providing tailored growing conditions to produce premium quality oysters. A clean oyster with a cupped shaped shell that has good lustre, a firm tasty meat, and a strong abductor muscle which not only adds to their great taste but keeps the oyster fresher for longer.

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