The Oyster Province

Tasmanian Native Angasi Oysters

Tasman Peninsula

Novel deep-water cultivation method

Angasi 'flat' oysters

Cupped, fan shaped shell

Angasi and Pacific oysters

Larvae, spat through to crop in 10m deep site

Wild-caught angasi

From seed-trays to basket-packs

Deep-water intertidal lines

Above the water at low-tide

Oysters thriving

In our Seapa deep-water basket-pack


At The Oyster Province we produce  the highest quality oysters by sustainable aquaculture. We are striving to return the Australian native angasi oyster to its historical prominence both on the menu and maintaining a pristine marine environment.

At shoreline intertidal leases oyster growers rely on the assistance of nature to bring out the best features in their oysters, with tidal movements and wave action to rumble and clean the oysters, and air-drying and sunlight to harden their shells, keeping them healthy.  Operating in 10m deep-water, well outside the shoreline intertidal zone, we had to invent a means of capturing these forces of nature. 

Situated in south east Tasmania, on the Tasman Peninsula, in the land of the Paytirami people (ref: Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre), the technology side of our business, Intertidal Oyster Solutions Pty Ltd (IOS), has developed an innovative way of cultivating oysters in deep-water. The unique deep-water ‘artificial’ intertidal technology has been developed over the last 11 years and trialled at our 10m deep-water marine farm in Taranna. The IOS combination of cultivation systems capture a wide range of environmental conditions, from deep-water, to floating sub-surface, to inter-tidal, all within close proximity, neighbouring longlines; providing tailored environmental conditions, to produce healthy premium quality oysters.